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Cubs is the second section of the Scouting movement, originally started in 1916 for younger brothers who wanted a ‘look-in’. In a century, the section has constantly evolved and adapted its programme and methods to meet the changing needs of each generation of young people, and these days Cubs accepts girls as well as boys between 8 and 10½ years of age.
In Cubs you will join a group of boys & girls who meet in a Scout Groups Headquarters where you will work & play in teams called “Sixes”. When you meet together, it is called a pack meeting. All Cubs wear a uniform and the evenings are organised by leaders and parent helpers. Cubs enjoy working towards various badges including the Our Adventure and Our Outdoor Challenges, Backwoods Cooking and Digital Citizen, playing games, and loads of fun activities such as; swimming, hiking, camping, pioneering, kayaking, computing, music, first aid and many, many more.

Cub also get to go on trips and days out, to places like zoos, theme parks and museums. An integeral part of being a Cub is taking part in nights away sleepovers and most importantly camping!


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Get Involved
If you are not already involved in Cubs and would like to take part in the fun of Scouting either as a Cub, or as an adult Leader or helper, please feel free to contact the district team either by the join a group page or by emailing the district commissioner via the email address on the homepage and we will be pleased to give you details of Pack near you.