Within the Glendon Scouting District we have a grants scheme for Jamborees/Camps/Expeditions/Training/Buildings and Resources and other Projects.

The rules for these grants are as follows:

1) Glendon District Scout Council has funds (grants or loans) which can be used for expeditions, training, buildings and resources if applied for by Individuals/Groups/Sections within the District.

2) Applications can be made by members of the District under 4 categories:
i) Those members who have been selected to represent the District at an international Jamboree
ii) Those members whose expeditions involve an element of ‘service’
iii) Those members who are attending a training course for the benefit of their Group & District
iv) Those Groups which require assistance to promote and support Scouting

3) Group applications must come from the Group concerned and must be approved by the Group Executive Committee and be signed by the GSL and the Group Chairman. It is expected that the Group will financially support the application.
District applications must be approved by the District Commissioner and the District Chairman.
All applications approved must abide by the Declaration and approval section on the application form.

4) An Expedition does not have to be abroad but must be for at least 5 nights.

5) Applications for assistance with training costs may be submitted as soon as details are known. All other applications should be forwarded to the Grants Committee (details on the application form) at least 6 months before the Expedition or Building/Resource project.

6) The Grants Committee may offer a loan if it is considered that a grant is not appropriate.

Glendon District Grant Application Form