Scouts are the third section of the Scouting movement and cater for both boys and girls from the age of 10½ up to 14.
There are 23 Scout Troops within Glendon District who run an exciting program of activities on a weekly basis; in addition troops hold activities such as camps outside of the usual weekly meetings.
The troops within the district also come together during the year at events organised and supported by Glendon district, these events are decided periodically at meetings between the scout leaders and the district team.
Details of the events in 2016 are shown below:

Leader Trophy
The Leader Trophy consists of a series of challenges based on scouting skills and takes place at Woodcroft, held on the first Saturday in February. Each troop can enter 1 or 2 teams of 4 scouts.

First Aid Training
The District runs First Aid Training to allow scouts to gain the level 4 emergency aid badge. This was held early in March.

Patrol Leader Training
Troops are usually separated into a number of teams known as Patrols; each one is led by a Patrol Leader. The district holds a weekend training event to help equip current and future Patrol Leaders to fulfil this role. In 2016 this took place during March.

District Expedition
To allow scouts to gain their expedition challenge badge – a part of the requirements for the chief scout’s award – the district run a weekend expedition over 2 days. This was held in May and was preceded in April with a training session.

Aviation Day
This event is organised by ‘yesflyers’ in conjunction with the county scout team, each district selects a number of scouts to attend. Glendon district makes this selection by running an aviation based quiz over the summer break with the prizes being entry to the aviation day at Sywell aerodrome on September 17th – the highlight of this event is the opportunity to take a flight in a light aircraft.
This year’s quiz can be downloaded here
The event will take place on September 17th.

Incident Hike
This event takes place on the weekend of October 8th and 9th and consists of 2 hikes, one during Saturday afternoon during daylight and the other on the Saturday evening to test navigation in darkness. Each hike is about 5 miles in length with a number of challenge bases to complete.

Cooking Competition
This is held alongside the incident hike and takes place between the two hikes. The team for this is the same team that competes in the incident hike. Teams compete to prepare and cook a three course meal using camping stoves and under camp conditions.

Early in December the district holds an annual fun quiz event troops are able to enter as many teams as they like (within reason!)